Get Your Perfect Ring Fit: How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

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You're browsing online or in a jewellery store and you spot the perfect ring - it's exactly what you've been looking for in your next special piece of jewellery. The style is just what you want, the metal tone and gemstone are ideal, and best of all, it's at an affordable price. You go to buy it but then realize you don't actually know your ring size. What do you do?

Getting your ring size measured precisely is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you get a ring that fits comfortably and looks its best on your finger. Knowing your accurate ring size will save you time, money, and hassle when purchasing rings online or in stores. With the right ring size, you can feel confident that your ring will have the perfect fit when it arrives and be ready to wear every day without needing adjustments or returns.

In this guide, you’ll learn several easy methods for measuring your ring size at home. You’ll also get tips for having your ring size professionally measured at a jewelry store. For purchasing online, we’ll cover how to use ring size charts accurately. Most importantly, you’ll understand all the benefits proper ring sizing provides for fit, budget, and even gifting rings to others.

Read on to get your ring size right once and for all - or if you can't be bothered then just click here and order your FREE RING SIZER from us.


How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Using A String:

  1. Take a length of paper/ floss/string and wrap it around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark where the paper/floss/string first overlaps with a pen.
  3. Stretch the length of the paper/floss/string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and write down the length in millimetres.
  4. Find the length in the highlighted column below and read across the chart to find your size.

Measuring with Household Rings

Another easy way to estimate your ring size at home is by measuring rings you already own. Here’s how:

  • Choose a ring you own that fits comfortably on the finger you'll wear your new ring on. This ideally should be a ring worn on the same finger position.
  • Use a soft measuring tape, string, or even paper strip to wrap tightly around the inside of the ring. Make sure you keep the measuring material straight, tight, and flat against the inner band.
  • Mark where the two ends meet or make note of the measurement. This will give you the inner circumference of the ring in millimetres.
  • Refer to a ring size conversion chart online to find your approximate ring size based on the millimetre measurement.
  • As finger sizes may differ slightly between hands, repeat on the same finger of your other hand for comparison. This method won't give you an exact professional measurement, but it can provide a good starting point for discovering your ring size at home. The accuracy will depend on how consistent the fit is between the ring you measured and the new style you'll be purchasing. Know that factors like band width, finger position, and knuckle size can affect the fit.


Getting Your Ring Size Professionally Measured

To get your most accurate ring size for a perfect fit, you'll want to get measured at a jewellery store by a professional. Here are some tips for getting a precise ring size measurement:

Visiting a Jewellery Store

The best way to determine your exact, custom ring size is by getting measured at a jewellery store. Schedule an appointment so you can get fitted and measured by an expert jeweller for the most accuracy.

  • Ask them to measure the actual finger you’ll be wearing the ring on, as subtle differences in size can exist between hands.
  • For proper measuring, the store should use a ring mandrel - a tapered metal rod marked with ring sizes.
  • Your knuckles are often the widest part of your finger, so be sure the jeweler slides the sizer over your knuckles for a comfortable fit.
  • Try on a few different sizer rings in increments above and below your estimated size to find the best fit.
  • Have them measure both your left and right ring fingers to determine if a half size is needed for the perfect fit.
  • For rings you’ll wear daily, err slightly on the side of a tight fit - rings can be sized down but not always sized up. Getting measured by a professional using a ring mandrel will give you the most accurate reading of your exact ring size for that particular finger. This custom measurement will ensure the best fit for future ring purchases.

Ask About Being Precisely Measured

Not all jewellery stores offer the same level of precision when fitting ring sizes. Some may simply use a printed plastic sizer rather than a true ring mandrel. For the most accuracy:

  • Ask the jeweller if they use an actual ring mandrel for measuring sizes. This tapered rod allows more precision than plastic sizing gauges.
  • Inquire about their specific process for fitting and if they measure in quarter or half sizes. Higher precision means a better fit.
  • Request they try multiple sample sizer rings in small increments to find your perfect fit.
  • Ask if they measure the circumference of your actual finger or just try on standard sizer rings. Measuring the finger directly will give customized results. The more precise the measurement tools and fitting process, the better your chances of determining your true ring size for a flawless fit. Don't be afraid to ask questions to ensure an accurate reading.


Ordering Rings Online

Purchasing rings online can offer convenience and great prices, but getting the size right is crucial. Here are some tips for determining your ring size accurately when buying rings online:

Order a free ring sizer from us:

If you can't be bothered with spending time trying out these DIY techniques and don't mind waiting 1-2 days to find out, then this may be the best option for you.

Refer to Online Ring Size Charts

If you don't have access to professional fitting, refer to the online ring size chart we have shown above for your estimated size.

  • Print out a plastic ring sizer with lettered sizes to align with your finger.
  • Use the measurements from the home methods above to compare with size charts online.
  • Pay attention to any measuring tips and size exceptions noted in the charts.
  • Remember that band width, knuckle size, and finger positions can affect ideal fit.
  • Order a half or full size up or down if you fall between standard ring sizes. Ring size charts can provide general guidance but may not be as tailored as having your specific finger measured by a jeweler. Use charts only as a starting point and allow room for possible returns if the size is off.

Measure Your Finger Precisely

For greater online accuracy:

  • Wrap a thin strip of paper or tape snugly around the finger you’ll wear the ring on. Mark or measure the exact length.
  • Use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters. Compare to the ring size chart to find your size.
  • Repeat on your other hand to confirm sizing between fingers. Remember to keep the strip tight during measuring.
  • Consider measuring at both the base of your finger and over your knuckle for comparison. With careful measuring of your actual finger’s circumference, you can get closer to an accurate ring size for online ordering. Just allow some wiggle room in case adjustments are needed once it arrives.

Use a Ring Adjuster

Since you can't try rings on when ordering online, we can provide a free ring adjuster with your if you just DM or email as at The purpose of this ring adjuster is to make a ring up to one size smaller - so if you're worried about ordering a ring that may be slightly larger than you need - just let us know and we can include this in your order. But what is a ring adjuster you may be wondering? It's a small plastic coil that you wrap around the back of the ring to make it fit your finger tighter.


Benefits of Knowing Your Ring Size

Getting your ring size measured by a professional and having it noted for future purchases provides several advantages:

Ensuring Proper Fit

The most obvious benefit is being able to purchase rings that properly fit your finger the first time around. No more guessing about size or making exchanges. Proper fit means:

  • Your ring will sit comfortably on your finger all day without slipping or feeling too tight.
  • The right fit accommodates swelling and slight changes in size from weather shifts or daily movement.
  • Well-fitting rings complement your hands and stay in alignment with optimal proportions. Knowing your precise, custom ring size means you can shop online and in stores with confidence that what you purchase will fit beautifully and feel amazing right away. No frustrations over incorrect sizes!

Saving Money From Returns and Resizing

Poor ring fit often means paying return shipping fees, restocking charges, or expensive resizing costs. But with proper sizing, you save significantly:

  • No return headaches if the size is wrong - saving you time and return fees.
  • Avoiding unnecessary resizing costs to make a too-small or too-large ring fit properly.
  • Reduced risk of losing an ill-fitting ring before resizing (and losing your investment).
  • Less chance of damaging a ring trying to resize it too far beyond its design limits. Getting your size right the first time saves the hassle and expense of returns and resizing down the road. Know your size and shop worry-free!

Purchasing Correctly Sized Gifts

For buying rings as gifts, measuring your recipient’s ring size will ensure giving them jewellery they’ll truly appreciate, or the safest option would be to gift them an e-gift card which can be found here and let us help them find their size so that it’s still a nice surprise!


Whether buying online, in stores, or even gifting rings, knowing your accurate ring size is one of the best investments you can make towards jewellery satisfaction. By understanding the various techniques for measuring your size at home or professionally, you can determine your ideal fit. This will save you time, money, and frustration down the road - no more guessing games with ring sizes! Instead you can feel confident you’ll receive rings with the right proportions, comfort, and style to enhance your hands. So take steps today towards determining your precise ring size. You and your future ring will thank you!

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