Are all your rings real silver?

Yes, we use standard 925 silver and also Thai silver, both have the 925 hallmark.

925 sterling silver is plated with white rhodium (also called platinum in jewelry industry), which maximally delays the fading and blackening of silver under the condition of oxidation or sulfuration. 

Thai silver features a matte surface for the purpose of obtaining an 'ancient' and 'aged silver' effect. Thai silver is slightly higher in price than 925 sterling silver due to the labour costs. It also has a higher content of silver than 925 silver and thus makes it much softer and prone to bending. As it does not have the protective layer (rhodium) it is more likely to tarnish to the yellow or black of old silver. Despite this, most people like this aspect as the tarnishing can make the piece look more antique. This means each example of Thai silver is wholly unique, making it that much more valuable to collectors and creators everywhere.



How can I take care of my ring?

- Although contact with water will not cause any serious damage, we recommend keeping the ring dry if you wish to retain it's shine and avoid loosening any stones.



- If you do not wear it frequently, keep it stored in an air tight bag with the silica pack provided - this will help absorb moisture and prevent tarnish.



- Use the Foreign Circles jewellery cloth every few weeks to keep the ring looking shiny.




Can I wear my pieces in water?

Yes you can. However if you want to retain the shine of your ring we recommend taking it off when possible. E.g. if you're about to swim.


How can I retain the shine of my ring?

We recommend purchasing the jewelry cloth cleaner and polishing the ring every so often.


What stones do you use?

We use a variety of different stones. Each stone used is mentioned in the product description. The Cubic Zirconia stones and Moissanite stones are used as an ethically sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.


Can I return my ring if I don't like it?

Yes you can, please see our refund policy in the footer of the website for more information.


How fast is delivery?

We usually dispatch items within 2 working days.

Nationwide delivery is 1-3 working days.

International delivery is 7-14 working days. Once your parcel reaches the destined country, that country's national postal service will then take over the delivery. You can then follow up with the tracking number on the respective postal service's website.

Please note that if, in the rare occurrence, your order reaches your national postal service and they misplace/lose it, we are not to be held liable. If however it is misplaced/lost before it leaves the UK then we will look to solve the issue ASAP.


Can I change my order after I have already placed it?

Once the order has gone through we unfortunately cannot change anything. Please note that if you enter the wrong address at checkout, we are not liable if the order goes missing.


I think my item has been lost

An item shall be deemed as lost if Royal Mail has not delivered it at the place to which it is addressed by the end of the 14th working day (or the 10th working day for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed after its due date of delivery, unless there is evidence to the contrary to demonstrate that the item has not been lost.

In the unlikely occurrence of this happening, we will send out a new order after the above dates have passed.


How are your rings made?

All of our rings are hand made. Yes, each and every piece is crafted by hand and as such, each one is unique.


What happens if a lose a stone from my ring?

If the return/exchange date has passed then we are not to be held liable as this would be considered wear and tear. To prevent this please read the How To Care instructions on each product page.


Will the rings scratch?

Due to silver being very soft - it is prone to scratching and this is normal. But if this is something that concerns you - we do not advise wearing it everyday.