About Us

For centuries, rings have been worn by men for a variety of reasons. From being used to sign letters and documents, to indicating social status and wealth, rings have long held an important place in human culture. My love for silver rings combined with my experiences raised in London and living in various parts of the Middle East gave me the perfect perspective to create a unique line of rings.

A line of rings that would appeal to men from all over the world.

The semi-precious stones we have are inspired by Middle Eastern culture, and the ice, inspired by the streets of London. The perfect blend for the modern man.

A foreign concept to domestic minds.

Today I am proud to introduce you to Foreign Circles, a brand dedicated solely to the art of wearing silver. We believe in the power of silver to transform your look and create an unforgettable impression. Whether you're wearing a simple pinky, or your own custom made one, we know that silver has the ability to make you shine.

Our Commitment 

Each ring is examined and hand polished before being boxed. We want to make sure you, our client, are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Please feel free to get in contact through the contact us page for any questions, inquiries and even feedback. We appreciate your custom and thank you for taking your time out to browse our website!


The Man Behind The Mask,