The Sovereign Bando

The Sovereign Bando


I've had many conversations about this piece - so I thought it was time to write an article on it.

Its name is a derivation of the classic wedding ring term 'Band'. 

Being a brand inspired by a fusion of Middle Eastern and London Street culture - this piece is solely dedicated to the Streets of London. 

As some of you may or may not know, the term Bando is used as an abbreviation for the term ‘abandoned house’ - one where drugs are usually sold.

Most of the petty street crime is almost always directly, or indirectly linked to a bando somewhere. 

It is here where a number of illegal activities take place.  

I wanted to create a piece that would pay homage to those of us who grew up in London, or any other city but still managed to avert the negativity that plagued it. 

To those who managed to get some sovereignty over their lives and stay on the right track regardless of everything that was happening around them. 

The sovereignty in the name also refers to the jewels on the ring and the shine they produce. 

A pinky that is light in its weight but heavy in its sentiment.

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